Living together

Let’s live together & share the fun!

So you're looking to move somewhere with your sweetheart or one of your friends? Fun times guaranteed – though the savings are also a real consideration. We're all for it, but there are a few conditions to take into account.

When is living together allowed?

The rules are as follows: 

  • The living accommodation comes with at least one separate bedroom. We clearly mention in the offer whether the accommodation is suitable for multiple occupants or not, and list the number of people that can live there;
  • Both of you are students, and at least one of you studies in Eindhoven. Alternatively, you're married.

Finding a place to live together

You will have to subscribe with Vestide separately. Afterwards, you can link your accounts together, so you can apply for offers for 2-person flats. We won't combine your accrued subscribtion time, but use one of your separate accounts – the one with the most subscribtion time, of course! Except if this person is not a student in Eindhoven.

Great! I want to subscribe with Vestide.

If you decide against living together after all, you can disconnect the two accounts just as easily. Both of you will still have your own subscribtion time. And if you want, you can link your account with someone new.

Joining (a living situation) later

Sure they can! As long as you live in a two-person accommodation and you are both students or you are married. Do ask for our permission first. You can use the application form below.

When it comes to living together, what are my rights and abligations?

There are some legal considerations to keep in mind if you want to live together. Nothing too shocking, but it's important to be aware of the following.

We distinguish between 3 'types' of inhabitants:

  1. Principal tenant: the person who signed the tenancy agreement. The principal tenant is responsible for the accommodation, making sure the rent is paid, and so on.
  2. Co-tenant: the co-tenant gets the same rights and obligations as the principal tenant. Together, you're responsible for the accommodation and for paying the rent.
  3. Occupant: as an occupant, you're not responsible for the accommodation, but you're not entitled to any of it either. In case the principal tenant moves out, you will have to move as well.

So there is always one principal tenant. Any second inhabitant living together with this individual will either be a co-tenant or an occupant. A co-tenant gets the same rights and obligations as the principal tenant; an occupant does not.

There are two ways to become the co-tenant of an appartment:

  1. Moving in to a flat together at the same time. Though, mind you, this does still require you to both study in Eindhoven, sign the tenancy agreement together, and get our written approval;
  2. Getting married or entering into a civil partnership (in which case, congratulations!). Do inform us if that is the case.

Is this your situation? Then you are the co-tenant of the flat. In all other cases, you are an occupant.