Subscribing for 't Atelier

At the Lijsterbesstraat we have an exceptional residential building for students called ’t Atelier. It is made up of independent studio units for students. And what makes it special: this includes workspace studios for art students and budding entrepreneurs.

You can apply for the accommodation on the Lijsterbesstraat the usual way, with your Vestide account. The workspaces will not be rented out anymore as they will be transformed to living spaces in the future.

Living accommodation in ‘t Atelier

The living accommodation available in 't Atelier consists of fully independent studio units. This means you get your own kitchen and bathroom, and are eligible for rent assistance from the Dutch government.

Subscribing for living accommodation in 't Atelier

Each full-time student in Eindhoven can apply for offers for the studios of ’t Atelier. You must be registered at Vestide.

No longer priority for creative students

As a creative student, you have always been granted priority for accommodation and a studio. That is about to change. As from 1 January 2022, we will no longer grant you a priority label when you register with us. Do you already have priority label? If so, that will cease to apply as from 1 March 2022.

You used to be granted priority if you were a full-time student in Eindhoven on one of the following courses:

Design Academy, TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) Industrial Design, TU/e Bouwkunde (Building Sciences), Fontys Media Design, Fontys Communication, Sint Lucas Eindhoven.

Were you granted a priority label in the past? If so, that label will cease to be valid as from 1 March 2022. Your subscription time and any travel time bonus you receive will remain the same. You will not receive any additional subscription time because your label has lapsed.

Read on to find out why:

  • In the future, we will be converting the studios into housing. There is a great demand for housing, including for students, and this is our way of helping to resolve the housing shortage.
  • Letting residential properties is our primary responsibility. Letting studios is not.
  • We aim to be open when it comes to the letting of our residential properties. Granting priority to students on creative courses does not reflect this aim.
  • We want to give all students the same chance to rent accommodation.