Subscribing and applying for accommodation

This is how you find your room or studio in Eindhoven!

Finding a room or studio in Eindhoven; we'd like to make it as easy for you as we possibly can. You can register with us for free, and take care of everything online.

Get accommodation in Eindhoven, in 4 steps

  1. Subscribe with us online. It's free.
  2. Be patient. It's not easy, we know. The longer you have been subscribed with us, the more subscription time you will have accrued – and whoever has been subscribed the longest, gets the room!
  3. Check the website regularly for available rooms. If you see anything you like, you can apply for the offer straight away.
  4. Have you been subscribed with us the longest, out of all those competing with you for the room? Do you meet the additional requirements (if there are any)? Then you get the room. Enjoy your time in Eindhoven!

We will explain the steps in more detail below. 

1. This is how you subscribe with Vestide

You can already subscribe from the age of 15. That is useful, because you'll already start accruing subscription time. We don't have any further requirements for subscribing with us; however, there always certain conditions to take into account if you want to move into a particular room or studio.

Great! I want to subscribe with Vestide.


2. Accrue subscription time

The duration of your subscription with us determines your chances of getting a room or studio.

So, say you subscribed with us 6 months ago. That means you have 6 months of subscription time behind your name. You see an offer for a room you like, and you apply for it. Does everyone else interested have less accrued subscription time than you? Then we invite you to a viewing!

How much subscription time you need to be successful, depends on the kind of room you're looking for. Sometimes it takes 3.5 years – and sometimes a few months. But you can always apply for a room.

Travel time bonus

If you currently live in another city in the Netherlands, we make things a bit easier for you. With your subscription, we calculate how long it takes you to travel to Eindhoven from your current address. If you're a long way away, you get extra subscription time from us to help you find a room. 

We call this our travel time bonus. You don't have to do anything to get it. 

We automatically calculate your travel time bonus with Google Maps. It calculates your travel time from your address to Eindhoven station on Monday morning at 08.00h. If this takes you 61 minutes or longer, you get 6 months bonus. If it takes you at least 121 minutes, you will get 12 months.

3. Applying for offers

You can apply for offers right away, as soon as you've subscribed. Each room or studio will be offered on our website for 3 days, along with all the information you need – and of course that all-important button to press if you are interested! You can apply for as many offers as you like.

Good to know: every ad closes at 0.00 am. If an ad says you can respond for 1 more day then you can respond until 0.00 am the next day.

Check out the rooms and studios currently available.

Please note: if you decline 3 different offers in a row, your registration will be blocked for a month. 


4. The room is yours!

You rapplied for an offer for a room and you are the one on top of the list. You made it! We will send you an email with the contact details of the person currently living in the room. You can make an appointment with them for a viewing.

If you then decide to take on the room, we need a few more documents from you:

  • A copy of your proof of identity;
  • Your proof of registration as issued by a college or university in Eindhoven;
  • If a travel time bonus was a factor, we require an official copy of your BRP (Basis Registratie Personen) file, which you can request at your municipality, and should be no more than 3 months old.

If all the documents check out, we will sign your tenancy agreement and give you your keys. You can now enjoy life in Eindhoven! 

Co-subscription and applying together

So you're two people looking for a place together? We can help, as, especially for students who want to find accommodation together, we also provide 1 or 2-bedroom flats. We will always mention in the offer whether a flat is meant to be occupied two people.

You will have to subscribe with Vestide separately. Afterwards, you can link your subscriptions together. And if you decide against living together after all, you can disconnect the two accounts just as easily.

More info: All about living together