Internet and television at Vestide

Superfast and supercheap

A good internet connection is essential for you as a student. Most of our accommodations offer internet, but there are different arrangements. Very inconvenient for you and for us. We are going to resolve that! Each accommodation will get its own Ziggo TV and internet connection with good service, for only 16.85 euro per month.

We give you the key points on this page. If you have a specific question, check whether it is on the FAQ list!

Internet at Vestide

You get:

  • A personal internet connection. You no longer need to share. In fact, that is not allowed; 
  • A maximum internet speed of 100 Mbps and the minimum guaranteed internet speed is 25 Mbps. So gaming and downloading is no problem!
  • Prompt service from ittdesk 24/7 via various channels, in Dutch and English.
  • Smaller buildings usually get FiberPower-access. This means you'll get a cable modem and wi-fi automatically. Larger buildings wel get Corporate Internet Acces. This means you'll get fiber optic connection with an individual UTP connection. 

Check here to see what connection you are getting.


You will get personal info from us about wi-fi in your student housing. In some cases, you will have wi-fi immediately and in others, you just need to connect a good router. What is a good router? One that is no more than 4 years old. A new one costs about 30 to 60 Euros.


You get:

  • Ziggo’s standard broadcasting package.
  • Want more? Then you can usually get a package with additional channels from Ziggo via ittdesk. 
  • You receive NPO 1, NPO 2 and NPO 3 channels in HD quality. 
  • You receive the other channels in digital quality if you have a DVB-C receiver. That is a built-in or standalone receiver for digital television via cable.

Television connections

Most self-contained units already have a coaxial connection point (a little box on the wall with 2 input points for your TV’s cable). In that case, we need do nothing more. If there is no connection, we will install a new connection point.

Internet at Vestide

Media package in your tenancy agreement and service charges

Every tenant gets the same package for 16.85 Euros per month. That price is fixed for 4 years starting from 1 June 2017. You cannot opt for internet only, for example.

After installing the new media package, we will include it in every new tenant’s contract. If you are already a tenant, we will not amend your tenancy agreement. It usually already includes the internet, only the name will be replaced by ‘mediapakket’. The package is also included on the annual statement of service charges.

More info: All about service charges

Arranging your connection

If we already organise your internet and/or television, you get the new media package as standard. We will always let you know at least a month in advance of us connecting you exactly when we will be doing it. That way, you have enough time to give notice for your old subscriptions. You also know exactly when you need to be home to provide access for the work to be carried out.

Spitters and/or ittdesk will carry the work out. They will naturally be as considerate as possible! We will not carry out any work during exams and holidays unless agreed otherwise with you and your housemates.

Service van ittdesk

You can contact ittdesk with all your queries and to report faults. In Dutch or English, it does not matter! Contact details for ittdesk:

Phone number: +31 85 01 40 433 
Twitter: @ITTDesk
WhatsApp: +31 620 088 717
Opening hours: weekdays from 08.30 to 20.00 hours. Ittdesk is available 24/7 in emergencies.

Naturally, you can also contact us with all your questions about the switch. Send an email to