You're not the only one wanting to keep rents low!

We get it – the rent is hardly your favourite part of the deal. Of course we do our best to keep rents as low as possible. But what is it you are actually paying for? We are happy to explain.

1. Basic rent/ net rent

You pay the basic rent or net rent for use of your room or studio as well as the communal areas – so literally the part of the building you're occupying. 

How do we work out the basic rent you pay?

The rent amount depends on a number of matters, including:


  • The location;
  • The size of your room or studio;
  • The shared facilities and space.

We strive to keep the rents as low as possible. But we're also very concerned with the state of your building. You're probably happy that we're not allowing it to get run down. This means we constantly aim to strike a balance between low rents and sufficient maintenance.

Annual rent increase

Each year, we are legally allowed to increase the basic rent amount – to for instance ensure proper maintenance of the building. The government sets a maximum amount for this increase. Not to worry, though: we always try to keep the increase at a minimum. In 2017, we even choose not to increase your rent at all!

In 2018, the rent increase is 1,4%. 

2. Service charges are part of your rent

In addition to the basic rent amount, you pay service charges to cover a number of services we provide. This includes cleaning the windows, your internet access and in some cases utilities as well.

You pay us a monthly advance. Then, for each calendar year, we calculate the costs that were actually incurred and we send you a statement listing these costs, before 1 July of the following year. Do the costs exceed the amount covered by your advances? In that case you'll have to pay back the difference. And vice versa: if it turns out you paid too much, we will of course pay back the difference to you.

Based upon this year's data, we also calculate the estimated service charges – and related advance payments – for the year to come.

More info: All about service charges

All-inclusive rent amount for furnished spaces

For a subset of our living accommodation – the furnished rooms and studios – we charge all-inclusive rents.

'All-inclusive' – the term says it all, really – means everything is already included in this amount: the accommodation itself, maintenance, gas, water and electricity bills, internet and TV access, the furniture and household goods. You will not receive a final statement for service costs.

  1. In some cases, you will have to pay separately to make use of the washing machine.
  2. Those with tenancy agreements for an indefinite period do receive a final statement for service costs.