You're not the only one wanting to keep rents low!

We get it – the rent is hardly your favourite part of the deal. Of course we do our best to keep rents as low as possible. But what is it you are actually paying for? We are happy to explain.

1. Basic rent/ net rent

You pay the basic rent or net rent for use of your room or studio as well as the communal areas – so literally the part of the building you're occupying. 

How do we work out the basic rent you pay?

The rent amount depends on a number of matters, including:


  • The location;
  • The size of your room or studio;
  • The shared facilities and space.

We keep your rent as low as possible. But we also find it important that you do not live in a dump. You probably agree. We always look for a balance between low rent and good maintenance.

Annual rent increase

We increase the basic rent every year so that we can continue to pay for things like maintenance. The government determines the maximum rent increase, taking inflation into account. Don't worry: we keep the rent increase as low as possible every year.

What is inflation?
Inflation is an increase in prices. The consequence of inflation is that you can buy less for the same amount of money. A basket of groceries at the supermarket is then more expensive, your money worth less.

Do I live in social housing?
The Housing Act states that all housing corporations must divide their residences into two types:

  • social housing: the rent of these residences is lower than the liberalisation limit that applied at the start of the rental contract. The liberalisation limit in 2021 is € 752.33.
  • private sector housing: the rent of these residences was higher than the liberalisation limit at the time of allocation. The liberalisation limit in 2021 is € 752.33. This also applies to other properties such as business premises, garages and parking spaces.

Whether a house falls under social ownership is, therefore, determined by the rent. We may ask for a higher rent increase for private sector housing and other properties than for social housing.

The government has decided that housing corporations may not increase the rent of social housing in 2021. The rent increase is, therefore, 0%.

We never apply the maximum rent increase. We feel that housing should remain affordable for everyone and that you should pay a fair rent for your house. We have agreed to this with the tenants' representation and the councils. This is also in line with the national social housing agreement.

Am I entitled to a housing benefit?
You can apply for a housing benefit if you are older than 18 and your rent is between € 237.62 and € 752.33. You must also rent independent living space, and your income must not be too high. The rules for housing benefits were relaxed in 2020. More people are now entitled to housing benefits. You can find more information on

Service charges
The annual rent increase only applies to the basic rent. That covers the use of the residence. You pay service charges on top of the basic rent. Service charges are used for things like cleaning your building. You will receive a bill with the breakdown of the service charges every year (usually) before 1 July. This shows your service charges for the coming year.

Overview of the total rent
Because it's nice to know what your house will cost you, the total rent can be found in either the letter regarding the rent increase or the letter regarding the payment of service charges. You will always receive the letter regarding the rent increase before 1 May. If you receive the letter about the rent increase before your bill, the total rent will be stated on the bill for the service charges. If you receive the bill before the letter about the rent increase, the total rent will be stated in the letter regarding the rent increase.

2. Service charges and rental price

In addition to the base rent, you pay service charges to cover the costs of services such as window washing, Internet connection and, in some cases, utilities.

You pay an advance every month. We calculate the costs actually incurred per calendar year and notify you before 1 July each year. If your advance payment was lower than the incurred costs, you will have to pay the difference. If you overpaid, you will be refunded the difference.

We will also calculate your advance payment for the next year's service charges accordingly.

More info: All about service charges

All-inclusive rent amount for furnished spaces

For a subset of our living accommodation – the furnished rooms and studios – we charge all-inclusive rents.

'All-inclusive' – the term says it all, really – means everything is already included in this amount: the accommodation itself, maintenance, gas, water and electricity bills, internet and TV access, the furniture and household goods. You will not receive a final statement for service costs.

  1. In some cases, you will have to pay separately to make use of the washing machine.
  2. Those with tenancy agreements for an indefinite period do receive a final statement for service costs.