Tenancy agreement

Rules are part of the deal

Signing your tenancy agreement is a special moment. You can now officially call the room/studio/flat your own! It is an important document we're talking about, too, which lists your rights and obligations as well as ours. You may want to read it through carefully!

Tenancy agreement for an indefinite period

What is in your tenancy agreement depends on the type of accommodation you are renting from us. We will send you your tenancy agreement before signing. So can take your time and read it first. 

Length of a tenancy

Unfortunately, our time together will end eventually. Once you're no longer registered as a full-time student in Eindhoven, you will have to notify us of this within a month. We will then terminate your tenancy. Don't panic – you can stay on for at least three more months. Plus, we'll give you an extra bonus month for each full year you've rented with us, so it can amount to a total of 6 months.

And should you suffer from 'selective memory loss' – yes, we do perform an annual check to see whether you're still registered as a student.

Are you the one to terminate the agreement? Your cancellation is then subject to a one-month notice period.

More info: This is how to terminate your rent

Short-stay tenancy agreement

We also provide furnished short-stay accommodation, for which we decide on a timeframe in advance. We usually only go with this option in case you are staying in Eindhoven for a year at most, or if your tenancy has been arranged through TU/e or Fontys. A short-stay tenancy agreement cannot be terminated prematurely without good reason. If you would like to extend your stay, please contact us about the options.

Living together on your tenancy agreement

Are you living together and is one of you quitting their studies? In some cases, you'll be allowed to stay in your flat – while in others you won't. This is how it works.

One of you is always registered as the principal tenant. This is the person who signed the tenancy agreement. If you signed the tenancy agreement together or if you are married, the other person is co-tenant of your flat. A co-tenant has the same rights and obligations as the principal tenant. If one of you finishes or aborts their studies but the other is still a full-time student in Eindhoven, you will be allowed to stay in your current accommodation.

If the other person joined the household later or if your names are not on the contract together, the other person is referred to as an occupant. As soon as the principal tenant is no longer a student, both of you will have to move out.

More info: All about living together

Important matters

There are a number of important matters your tenancy agreement that you should be aware of:

  • As a tenant, you are responsible for your accommodation, also in case any visitors you invited cause trouble. 
  • Clean, safe and in one piece – we aim to keep our accommodation in great shape. And we expect you to work with us – so we can provide the kind of housing where you and other residents actually want to be!
  • Are you considering pets? You can email us a written request.
  • Be considerate of your neighbours.
  • Don't forget to register with the municipality at your new address.