Uh-oh... now what?

What do you do if there is damage from a break-in, heavy weather conditions, a fire? Accidents can leave their mark, too. If you've been so unlucky, this information is for you.

Damage from fire

  1. Call the fire department, in case you haven't done so already before checking this website.
  2. Don't start cleaning or tidying anything. You're only allowed to do that once you've received permission from the fire department, police and the insurance company.
  3. Notify Vestide that there has been a fire. We will bring around our insurance agent as soon as possible to assess the damage.
  4. Call your own insurance provider. We take care of any damage to the building, but we don't cover your personal belongings. This falls under your own household contents insurance.

Damage from a break-in

  1. Call the police to report the burglary and mention that the building is owned by Vestide.
  2. Call us on 040-297 93 80. We will always ask for a copy of the police report. You can either send it to us by email or drop it off personally at the Woonwinkel.
  3. We will repair the damage to the accommodation.
  4. We cannot repair or replace any of your personal belongings. This is covered by your household contents insurance, so be sure to contact your insurance company next.

Storm damage

We ask you to report storm damage to us the same way you send repair requests: you can use the online repair form or call us on 040-397 93 80. If it's urgent, calling us is the best option. You can also contact us outside of office hours. We will repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Request you repairs online

Damage to personal belongings is covered by your household contents insurance.

Damage from repair work

Of course we only hire reliable companies to perform maintenance work on our behalf. Nonetheless, something could go wrong. In case there is damage, please report it to us as well as to the company responsible for causing it. We will make sure the damage is remedied. 

Damage caused by you or a visitor

Whether it's clumsiness, a momentary slip, intent or just a case of bad luck – accidents happen! Report any damage to the building to us. You yourself are responsible for repairing the damage. If you're not that adept at DIY or if it's too difficult for you to fix, our Building Service can lend a hand for a small fare.

Damage to personal belongings is covered by your household contents insurance. If someone else was responsible, it is important to hold them accountable for the damage. That's not difficult; your insurance company will help you work it out!

Which insurance do you need?

Let's end with a short explanation of the kinds of insurance involved. 

  • Household contents insurance: to cover damage to personal belongings in your house. you need to take out this insurance.
  • Liability insurance: in case of any damage you may cause to someone else's property. you need to take out this insurance.
  • Building insurance: to cover damage to the accomodation. this is our responsibility. 

Household contents insurance and liability insurance are both important and inexpensive, so make sure you are covered!