Losing a key or having duplicates cut

... but I thought you had the keys?

So there you are – faced with a closed door. Not a key in sight. What do you do? And how do you get duplicate keys to leave with your parents or latest squeeze?

Lost a key

So you've locked yourself out of the house. Is it still during our working hours? Then you can stop by our Woonwinkel and collect a spare key. Do make sure you bring a proof of identity, because we won't give your keys to just anyone! Prices for extra keys are listed below.

Returning home after night out, only to find that you're missing your keys? In that case, you can call us on 040-297 93 80. We will send by a locksmith to come replace the lock on your door. This does involve costs you'll have to pay for yourself.

Having duplicate keys cut

Usually, this is no problem! This is how: 

  • You can come to our Woonwinkel with your proof of identity so we can provide you a new key.
  • Proximity tags (drop shaped): these can also be requested from the Woonwinkel (again, do bring a valid ID).

Prices for extra keys

  • Non-restricted keys: €26
  • Restricted keys: €26
  • Proximity tag (drop shaped): €26
  • Having a locksmith replace the lock on your door: between €95 and €169, depending on the activities;
  • Aurora pass: €26
  • Havenhof pass: €26

Do you live at Hemelrijken/Pastoor Petersstraat/Lombokpad?

You will open and close your room with a electronical key on your mobile phone. For this, the following costs are valid:

  • New mobile number? In that case, you need a new licence for the electronical key: for free.
  • New mobile number within 2 weeks of starting date contract: for free
  • Locked out with electronical key: always €127,50 despite in- or outside office hours and week or weekend.