Vestide office, Wal 2 Eindhoven

These accommodations are now available

Due to corona, we are unfortunately forced to limit the number of accommodations you can view as a house hunter to a maximum of 3. This number used to be unlimited, but for us to be able to help everyone find a residence as soon as possible during this hectic time, we feel it’s necessary to limit the amount of viewings per applicant. However, there is still no limit to the amount of applications you can do. Only when you are invited to visit the student accommodation you have applied for, you can accept a maximum of 3 times.  

Please make a conscious choice when you respond to a room or studio.


This room is spacious, nice!

Dr Joop den Uylstraat 26 /AEindhoven

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Area measure: 18 m2
Total rent: €323.36 p/m