Temporary room downtown Eindhoven


Vestide office, Wal 2 Eindhoven

About this living space

The current tenants describe their selves as: We are a social house that enjoys spending time together; it varies from cooking and eating together nearly every night to planning holiday trips, movie nights, going out/throwing parties or even doing Robowars together. We have creative and studious minds and enjoys each other's company more than staying in our own rooms by ourselves. Together we help each other out and really feel like a great family." The current tenant offers these items to take over: cupboard, refrigerator, sofa, shoe rack, floor, curtains and chalkboard.

Features of the accommodation

  • Accommodation typeShared
  • No. of persons1



  • Sanitary
    • ShowerShared
    • ToiletShared
    • SinkShared
  • KitchenShared
  • Internet connectionNot present

Terms & conditions

To rent this accommodation, we ask you for the following documents:

• Proof of enrolment at an Eindhoven educational institution for this academic year (please note: a print screen of your studielink page is only valid if you are going to do a new degree program that starts the next academic year and for which there has not been issued an official registration certificate yet);

• If you have travel time bonus: we would like to see proof of this. Log on to mijnoverheid.nl with your Digi-D and make a print screen of it (with your name, current address and computer date visible, note your BSN may not be visible to us). Or send us any other document that proofs that you were living abroad within the last 3 months.