New students

You are coming to Eindhoven for your studies in the Netherlands. Great that you will be living in one of our student residences!

We understand that you require information about COVID-19 to prepare for your trip. Of course, you will also want to know which rules are applicable in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch government hosts informative websites that are kept up to date. We have listed them for you:

Travel to the Netherlands: Is that allowed? What do I need to consider? Read here:

  • about the differences between the EU member states and non-EU countries.
  • about the entry ban with regard to various countries.
  • about the exceptions (7) (as of 14 July: students are still permitted entry into the Netherlands).
  • about visa requirements (12).

Entry into the Netherlands: 

Are you travelling from a country with a travel restriction in place? As a student, you are still allowed to travel. Read here about:

  • Visa requirements
  • Which documents to bring
  • The direct flight
  • Quarantine

A health certificate and mouth covering are required on flights.

Once in the Netherlands:

Your first two weeks:

In general:

Our government constantly evaluates the situation in our country and neighbouring countries. If needed rules will be adjusted. You can follow them here:

As long as you follow the rules, you are allowed to do many things. However, should you not follow the rules, fines are applicable. They are very strict about this in the Netherlands!

Read more about it at the following page:

Make sure you are well aware of the following:

Many rapidly changing measures, curfews, groups, closing and openings of locations are listed on this page. 


COVID-19 vaccination | RIVM
Netherlands has just started vaccinations, international students will be offered vaccination in due time.

Though many offices are closed, people are still working
In the Netherlands, a large number of people are currently working from home. Therefore, it is not always possible to schedule a personal appointment at an office.

Coming to our office
If you have rented accommodation, you will receive your rental contract per post. After this, you will receive a message about collecting the keys. Please let us know: 1) when you think you will be picking up the keys and 2) from which country you are entering. This information is necessary because it allows us to take measures to keep you and other students safe.

Will you be arriving later?
If so, let us know immediately! For the time being, we will keep the accommodation reserved for you. The rent, however, will take effect on the planned starting date.

Inside individual accommodation
If you live alone, additional rules will apply to you. You may receive visitors, as long as you and your guests maintain a distance of 1.5 meters. (For information about the current situation, consult:

Inside group accommodation
Will you be renting an independent student room? If so, you and your housemates will share rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and, often, the living room. You will be considered one household. Therefore, you do not have to wear a mouth covering while indoors.

  • Our advice is to discuss this and make clear agreements about it.
  • Will you be cooking at the same time or taking turns? If so, in which order?
  • Clean the bathroom facilities and the kitchen daily, if not more frequently. Work together to develop a cleaning schedule.
  • Visitors are allowed as long as people maintain a distance of1.5 meters. Make agreements on how to notify your housemates that you are expecting visitors and arrange, for example, that they will stay in their own rooms.
  • Attention! When you are outside together, you are no longer a household. Once outside, you must maintain a distance of 1.5 meters.

Common rooms
Some of the buildings have common rooms. These are open and accessible. Vestide will clean these rooms according to a schedule which does not include additional cleaning.

You may use the common rooms, but you must observe the general rules. Wash your hands before entering and do not leave things lying around when you leave.

If you feel sick
Read more here about testing and when you can request a test:

In the Netherlands, everyone who is experiencing symptoms can be tested. This includes tourists and foreign students. Individuals can call the national number: 0800-1202. When calling this number, you can indicate that you would like to speak in English. In which case, the results will also be provided in English.
It is okay if you do not have a BSN (a citizen service number). 

While registering for a test, students may choose which location they would like to visit. In Eindhoven, a testing street is located nearby the carpark of IJssportcentrum Eindhoven. The address is: Anton Coolenlaan 3.

Are you sick? Report this to your educational institution and to us.

Grocery shopping
In the Netherlands, many of the supermarkets offer online shopping. Check out:

Log on to your building's Facebook page and ask if someone can bring you your groceries.