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Secure email

The privacy of our tenants, prospective tenants, collaboration partners and employees is very important to us. This includes both processing and sending sensitive personal data. We only send sensitive personal information via secure email to ensure that the information only reaches the right person.

Secure email via Zivver

We send secure emails through Zivver. Messages containing sensitive information, such as BSNs and personal data, are encrypted. Only the sender and recipient of the message can access the information.

If you receive a secure email from us, click “Open Message”. You will be asked to enter a code. We will send the code by SMS unless one has been pre-arranged with you.

Responding to a secure email

You can respond to an email sent to you through Zivver. The email opens on a secure web page, and you can respond directly. Type your message and click “Send”, just like you would with a regular email. If we respond to your message, you will receive another notification via email.

More about Zivver

Check out Zivver's quick start guide on secure email, or visit the Zivver Help Centre for more information.

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