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...and in Eindhoven! We have almost 3.500 accommodations, for students only. Whether you are looking for a room, studio or apartment, we've got it.

Find your room on rooms.vestide.nl!

Are you looking for a room? rooms.vestide.nl is the website for students looking for a home. Here you can create an account to respond to available homes and keep track of your responses and registration time.

Please note: an account on www.vestide.nl is for tenants who already rent a home from us. Are you still looking for a room? Then create an account at rooms.vestide.nl.

Go to rooms.vestide.nl
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    Register with us online for free.

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    Accrue subscription time

    The duration of your subscription with us determines your chances of getting a room or studio. The person with the most registration time can rent the room.

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    Check the website regularly to see which rooms become available.

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    Do you have the longest registration time of all interested parties?

    Then you must submit 2 documents: your proof of registration for this academic year and your address history if you have a travel time bonus.

  5. 5

    Are the documents approved? Then you will receive the rental contract and additional information.

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    Your registration time expires

    As soon as your rental agreement takes effect, the registration time you have accrued will expire. You do not have to register again. Your registration will continue to exist, but the accrual of registration years will start again. And of course your travel time bonus will also expire, because you are now registered in Eindhoven. Please note: this also applies to a rental agreement for homes that have not been run through our advertisement, such as for example Co-option (including internal relocation) or Space-S.


You can already register with us when you are 15. Useful, because then you immediately start building up registration time. If you want to rent a room or studio, the following conditions apply:

  1. You must be a full-time student at an educational institution in Eindhoven. The study you are following or will follow must be registered with CROHO, CREBO or NVAO and be classified as “funded education”.

  2. Are you a PhD student? Then you are not allowed to rent an accommodation, except in the Haven residential community on the TU/e campus on the Blauwe Loper.

  3. If you use the travel time bonus, you must send us an address history.

Register at rooms.vestide.nl



For each response to a living space, we calculate how long it will take you to travel from home to Eindhoven:

  • If you take longer than 60 minutes, you will receive 6 months of extra registration time.

  • If you take longer than 120 minutes, you get an extra 12 months.

We call this the travel time bonus. The bonus is added automatically to your registration time. We calculate your travel time bonus with Google Maps. It calculates your travel time from your address to Eindhoven Central station, arrival time on Monday morning at 08.00.


You can immediately respond to vacant rooms and studios. Each room or studio is on our website for 3 days, with all the info you need.

Each ad closes at midnight. If an advertisement states that you can respond for 1 day, you can respond until midnight the next day.


  • For new students: if you start your studies in September, you can come and live with us from May.

  • If you respond to a vacant room or studio, you will be given a temporary spot on the list. Your position can change during the days, because other students, with perhaps longer registration times, also respond. So this is not your official place! After the ad is closed you can find your official place in your account under 'My comments'.

NB! if you do not respond to an offer 3 times, your registration will be blocked for one month.


You have responded to a room and you have the longest registration time. You will then receive an email from us with all the information and we will explain how you can view the room.


If you want to rent the room, we will check whether you meet the conditions. We check:

  • whether you study full-time in Eindhoven. We therefore ask you for proof of enrollment at an educational institution;

  • whether your travel time bonus is correct. We check this by checking your address when you have responded to the accommodation.

Is everything right? Then you will receive the rental contract with important additional information and the invitation to collect the keys by e-mail.

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