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Terminating your tenancy agreement

Terminating your tenancy only takes you a couple of minutes.


There is a notice period of at least one month you have to observe. This month starts from the day we receive your written termination notice. 


After the lease has been terminated, we schedule two inspections: the pre- and the final inspection. The date and time of the first inspection can be found in the letter confirming the termination of the lease.


Shortly after your cancellation, the administrator will visit you for the pre-inspection. You will then receive a 'inspection report'. That's a list that shows exactly what you still need to do and what it will cost if you don't do it yourself. We also look at which items the next tenant might be able to take over.


On the last day of your rental contract, we will check that you have completed all the jobs on the list and returned the keys. You are not present at the final recording.


Do you have takeovers and has a new tenant been found for your home before the end date of your contract? Then you discuss the takeovers amongst yourselves. Together with the pre-inspection report, you will receive a take over form. Together with the new tenant you sign this form and return it to Vestide before the end of your contract.


If you wish to pass on or sell items but there is no new tenant available yet, you will have the opportunity to leave items behind under certain conditions. The building manager will mention these conditions during the pre-inspection.


This is the final calculation of everything you still have to pay or get back. After your move, you can still receive two statements:

  • about 8 weeks after you move out, we will send you a message detailing any outstanding amounts: for instance the amount of rent in arrears or paid in excess, or the costs for maintenance work you failed to complete;

  • we calculate the service charges once a year, before 1 July; so this isn't done right after you move out.

Terminate my tenancy
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