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International housing

To make your stay in the Netherlands as comfortable as possible, we have listed some practical information per accommodation for you.

In the document below you find the general terms for each accommodation.


General terms of the tenancy agreement for accommodation


You are coming to Eindhoven for your studies in the Netherlands. Great that you will be living in one of our student residences!

We understand that you require information to prepare for your trip. Of course, you will also want to know which rules are applicable in the Netherlands. The Dutch government hosts informative websites that are kept up to date. Those are the following:

Checklist for travelling to the NetherlandsCovid-19 related restrictions or requirementsTesting for Coronavirus


Before you actually book your room, please check our website. Here you can find extra info on the building and room:

  • Inventorylist: what is in the room

  • Houserules: provides the manuals and advice on maintenance

Booking, pre-payment, contract

Fontys and TU/e reserved accommodations for their international students. Once they have approved your application, they can issue an account to our bookingpage. This account is issued once only and is usable for a restricted number of days.

With this account you can book your accommodation. If you log-in and start using the account, you agree to these terms:

  • Once booked, your account is ended and the room is reserved for you. Bookings can not be canceled!

  • If for any reasons, you do not wish to make use of the room, you can terminate your booking, but only with a one month notice.

  • Exchange students: If for any reasons, you do not wish to make use of the room, you cannot cancel nor terminate your booking, please contact your Educational Institution.

  • We keep the room reserved from a set date, the contract starts at that date, even if you arrive on a later date.

  • During the bookingproces, you make a prepayment for the rent. Make sure your creditcard or Paypal account is valid and has sufficient balance on the account.

  • This is covering the prepayment on rent, depending on your studies (1month, 2 months or full semester).

  • If payment is bounced, the room is not reserved for you and can be booked by other students.

The community in the building

In each building lives a studentvolunteer, who can help you, once you’ve arrived and introduces you to your new environment. Each building has an active facebookcommunity, which is moderated by the studentvolunteer(s). Log on to your building's Facebook page to contact them. If you want to contact Vestide, check our contact page for the options.

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