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How to rent from Vestide when you are an international student? If you want to rent an accommodation from Vestide through your educational institution, it is important to know in advance which steps are involved during the rental process.
  1. 1

    Receiving account

    You apply at your educational institution, through your faculty, saying that you want to be considered for furnished accommodation.

    The educational institution maintains a waiting list and, when a place becomes available, they create an account for you. With that account you can book your accommodation.

    Both Fontys and TU/e arranged to have a few furnished rooms and studios reserved for newly arriving international students. These are situated in the buildings listed in this page only. This does not apply for our new buildings on TU/e campus.

    If you want to rent one of these reserved accommodations from Vestide through your educational institution, it is important to know in advance which steps are involved during the rental process

  2. 2

    Activating account

    You receive an e-mail from Vestide. This e-mail explains how to activate your account:

    -          Deadline date account

    There will be a deadline for the account. There is a deadline to activate the account and to book accommodation.

    -          Log in information

    You receive your log in name and password.

  3. 3

    Booking accommodation

    1. Once you press the booking button, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page.

    2. After this, you can’t go back to choose other accommodation.

    3. Your payment is checked automatically, even if you have not made any payment. During this check, which takes a maximum of 24 hours, no one else can book your chosen accommodation.

    4. This check can’t be interrupted and it’s not possible to reset your account during this process.

    5. If the payment is not successful, you will receive an e-mail and the accommodation will be released again.

    6. This process can take up to 24 hours. During this time your account shows a ‘Pending’ status.

    7. If the booking is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    8. Within 2 weeks, you will receive the tenancy agreement and other important information by e-mail. Read this carefully!

    What do I pay when I book accommodation?

    - Student Fontys and TU/e: first month of your tenancy* and the one-time costs (includes bed linen package, one-time cleaning costs and deposit)

    - Exchange student Fontys and TU/e: the whole semester and one-time costs (includes bed linen package, one-time cleaning costs and deposit)

    *Explanation of booking payment:

    - Does the agreement starts before the 15th of the month?

    Then you pay from the start date for that month.

    - Does the agreement starts from the 15th of the month?

    Then you pay from the start date for that month and the month after.

  4. 4

    Tenancy agreement

    Within 2 weeks after booking the accommodation, you will receive the tenancy agreement with other important documents. The important information in the tenancy agreement is…

    …the start and end date of the agreement.

  5. 5

    Key pick-up

    You can pick up the keys from the start date of your agreement at our office between 9am and 5pm. It is not possible to pick them up earlier than the start date.

    You can authorize a buddy to pick the keys up if you are not available to do that. Then you need to send us an e-mail with their personal information (name and DOB).

    When picking up the keys, we will check your passport or identity card. If that is all complete, then the keys are yours!

  6. 6

    Arrival accommodation

    The first time you enter the accommodation: what can you expect?

    •    Clean and proper room with the necessary furnishing

    •    2 boxes with kitchen utensils and bed linen

  7. 7

    Create a tenant account

    When you are settled in your room you can register yourself on our website as a tenant: Create an account - Vestide.

    What do you need?

    o   K-number in your agreement (see top left on the agreement)

    o   Information address details: street name, house number, possible house number addition, ZIP code and City.

    Example: Johannes van der Waalsweg 01 /A, 1234 AB Eindhoven

    Street name: Johannes van der Waalsweg
    House number: 01
    House number addition: A
    Zip code:  1234 AB         
    City: Eindhoven                          

  8. 8

    Following payments

    1. When booking, you paid the first (and a half) month + one-off costs.

    2. Every month that follows you will receive an accept e-mail to pay the rent online.

    You will receive the e-mail on the 17th of the month.

  9. 9

    Termination agreement

    Between four and six weeks before the end date of your tenancy agreement you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with important information about leaving your room.


  10. 10

    Rental termination

    The rental can be terminated on our website with a one-month notice period (note! Exchange students cannot terminate their tenancy agreement). A first and final check will be done to make sure that you receive the right instructions on how to leave your accommodation behind.

  11. 11

    Final Invoice

    You will receive a final invoice within 2 weeks of the end date of your rental agreement. When you confirm your rental termination or end of tenancy, you will receive a form to indicate how you wish to receive your deposit and any other refunds. If you return this form to us within 2 weeks of your last rental day, we will refund the deposit with the final invoice. If there are any outstanding charges, the deadline for refunding the deposit changes from 2 weeks to a maximum of 30 days.

    We do not expect this, but you may have to pay extra instead of getting a refund.


  12. 12


    You may wish to rent other accommodation from Vestide after booking directly with Vestide. It is only possible to book directly once. You can find accommodation allocated based on registration time at https://rooms.vestide.nl/en/. Register as soon as possible via https://rooms.vestide.nl/en/find-room/ to build up registration time.

    https://vestide.nl/en/find-your-room/ provides all the information you need to rent other accommodation from Vestide.



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