Who will look after my room while I'm away?

Doing an internship or a semester abroad... It's all terribly exciting, but you don't want to have to give up your room back home! Because you'll come back eventually. So what are your options?


You are not allowed to leave your room empty for a long period of time. And you can not just dicide to sublet without aksing us permission. But let's not linger here: there is a solution, and that is leaving it in the care of an offial subtenant!

An official subtenant? What's the deal?

While you're away, someone else will temporarily live at your address. And when you come back, you've got your comfortable surroundings to come home to. You just have to ask our permission first and arrange everything properly with us. 

If you have a fixed ending date in your contract you are not allowed to sublet your room. You can assign a subtenant for a maximum of one year, during which you will remain responsible for your room or studio. This means you will continue to pay the rent and we will contact you in case the subtenant causes any problems. And if he or she creates such a mess that we even want them to leave, you will have to play your part in bringing this about.

Collecting rent from your subtenant

We think it's normal for you to want your subtenant to pay rent. The only condition is that you are not allowed to make a profit this way. So the rent you collect from them can at most amount to what you are paying us – perhaps with the addition of some form of payment for water and electricity.

Onderverhuur als je op reis gaat

Assign a subtenant

Do you like the sound of this arrangement? Be sure to send out the form on time, though, because it will take a while to process everything and make agreements. This is how you assign a subtenant:

  1. Find someone who can be your subtenant. He or she will have to be a full-time student, but not necessarily in Eindhoven. We will not find you a subtenant and we will not accept an intermediary.
  2. Together, fill out the application form and make agreements, for instance about rent payments and what to do in case of damage to your property.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible!