If you're unhappy about anything, we want to know that too!

You want a nice place to live. And that's exactly what we are hoping to provide. Should you be unhappy about anything, then by all means let us know!

Let's talk about your complaint

The quickest way to reach us with your complaint is by picking up the phone, sending us an email or visiting our offices. We can then take the time to discuss with you what is wrong. In many cases, we should be able to find a solution together. 

Are you a resident of one of the larger buildings? Then a facilities manager should be visiting on a regular basis. You can always approach him or her with your question or problem.

You can reach us here:

Phone: 040- 297 93 80.
Woonwinkel: Wal 2 in Eindhoven

In case we don't find a solution together, you can use the form below to file your complaint. 

Related issues

Repair work

Is anything around the house broken or not working properly? We will fix it for you. Please indicate on the repair form what the problem is, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Request repairs

Nuisance problems

Are co-inhabitants or neighbours causing a nuisance? First try to take this up with the neighbours themselves. They may not even be aware they are causing a nuisance. Should you be unable to fix the issue together, then inform us by email or through the nuisance report form.

More info on nuisance

Independant complaint committee

If we are unable to find a solution together, you have the option of putting your complaint before the independent complaints committee. This is subject to three conditions:

  1. You first lodged the complaint with us and we have had the time to do something about it;
  2. Your complaint is about our services, not about our policies;
  3. Your complaint is not currently being assessed by another organisation.

Other organisations to contact in case of complaints

Sometimes your complaint will fall within the jurisdiction or expertise of another organisation.

  • For complaints about our rental policies: Beroepscommissie Woonruimteverhuur (Appeals committee for residential letting)

  • For complaints regarding the Sancties & Kansenlijst (Sanctions & Appraisal List): Arbitration committee for the Sancties & Kansenlijst (Sanctions & Appraisal List)

  • For complaints regarding your rent, the state of repair of your accommodation, and service charges: Huurcommissie (Rent assessment committee)