When your neighbour's party isn't putting you in a festive mood

There will be times when you can hear your neighbours. And they will hear you too. This is normal – as a student, a detached house just isn't a realistic scenario. But if living with your neighbours is really proving to be problematic, we need to take action.

Talk to each other

Your neighbour may not even be aware that they are causing a problem to anyone. So talk to each other first. Make agreements and be considerate of your neighbours. Most issues can be solved that way.

Reporting a nuisance problem to Vestide

If you are unable to solve matters amongst yourselves, you can report the issue to us. You can do so by email, phone or using the nuisance report form. We will require the following information from you:

  • Name and address of the person(s) causing the nuisance problem;
  • A description of the nuisance problem, including how long it's been going on for;
  • What efforts have you made to remedy the situation?
  • If applicable, mention the names and addresses of other people experiencing the same problem;
  • Your name, address, email and phone number.

What action will Vestide take in case of nuisance?

We will assess the situation first to determine our options. Sometimes we will suggest neighbourhood mediation. In other cases, we may ask you to keep reporting the nuisance in order to collect evidence. Of course, we won't want to get someone evicted without serious reasons.

Reporting a nuisance problem to the police

The police have more room to take action than we do. It's therefore wise to report matters like noise nuisance or people making threats or damaging property to the police. Even if the problem isn't immediatley noticeable at the time. You can do so by calling 0900-8844, or 112 in case of emergency.

Reporting a nuisance problem to the municipality

When waste is being left out on the streets in your area, or if there is damage to the pavement, for instance, you can report this to the Eindhoven municipality.