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Become one of the LOT community’s new ambassadors and... get a room!

A house is just a house. It’s the people around you who make a house a home. Your own space, but always with the option of being together. Making memories together, inspiring each other and teaching each other something new. You’ll also be helping LOT to create and maintain a successful community. You’ll do all this as an ambassador of the LOT community. Good news: we’re still looking for enthusiastic ambassadors!

We are LOT, you are LOT

LOT is your new friend in Eindhoven. LOT will bring you together with other students and show you round the vibrant city of Eindhoven. You will be giving something to LOT, but you’ll get far more back. Personal development, lifelong friendships, experience in community building and discovering and developing your unique talent. Also, as from August 2024, you’ll be living in one of the brand new towers on the TU/e campus.

Registering with Vestide

The LOT community is made possible by Vestide. To live in one of the brand new towers on the TU/e campus you will also need to be registered with Vestide. In other words, being registered as a LOT ambassador will not be enough. If you haven’t yet registered with Vestide, do so now!

Join LOT as an ambassador

Do you recognise yourself in the profile of a LOT ambassador? Would you like to help create an inspiring community and meet people from all over the world? If so, register now and become an ambassador!

We’d love to talk to you!

Profile of a LOT ambassador

• You have abundant energy and are super enthusiastic

• You’d like to meet people from all over the world

• You do what you say, and say what you do

• You are open to growth; personally and for the community

• You believe in creating something together

• You are a current or future student on the TU/e campus (TU/e, Fontys or Summa)

• You have at least eight hours per month to spare for LOT

• You are registered at Vestide, or are going to register right now 😉

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the LOT community,don’t hesitate to ask by contacting us at: lot@vestide.nl

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