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Construction begins of 735 student homes on TU/e campus

Woonbedrijf/Vestide and construction company Heijmans have started the construction of 735 student homes on the TU/e campus. This project will be completed in the summer of 2024 and will consist of 366 rooms, 285 studios and 84 apartments and various facilities. Today partners involved in the project held the kick-off event.

Important role for students

“This project enables us to make an important contribution to pleasant, affordable homes for students. This is needed now more than ever,” says Ingrid de Boer, general director/manager of Woonbedrijf. “We take our responsibility to make this project a success in spite of the complicated market conditions. This is a special project in which students have an important voice.” A special community is actively involving students from the development to the completion of the homes and is working on issues concerning service provision and facilities, design and layout, livability and communication.

TU/e growth ambition requires sufficient student housing

Nicole Ummelen, Vice-President of the Executive Board of TU/e: “We are proud and pleased that, together with our partners, we can assume our responsibility to meet the growing need for student housing. Good, affordable housing is incredibly important to being able to study in a pleasant and successful manner. The premise is that this will benefit many future generations of students. TU/e has ambitious plans to grow significantly in order to provide the engineers that our country and the Brainport region need. Additional student housing is essential to this. This project is a great example of how we can achieve this together with all stakeholders in the city and in Brainport.”

Talent needed for the Brainport region

Alderman for Housing Mieke Verhees (Municipality of Eindhoven) is enthusiastic about the project: “We desperately need talent from home and abroad for the growth of our region. It is important that these people feel at home here and want to stay. In reality, however, additional housing is badly needed in our region. So, it’s wonderful that the construction of these homes is greatly expanding the amount of pleasant, affordable housing that students need.”

Structure of the plan

The plan (designed by architectural firm VenhoevenCS) consists of two residential towers and a ‘student village’. The tower on the west side will contain 278 student homes, while the eastern tower will consist of 371 student homes. Both towers will be about 50 meters high and have 16 floors. Between the two towers will be the ‘student village’ with 86 housing units spread over five 2-story streets intended for group living. Both the high-rise and low-rise buildings will contain various facilities to support a vibrant community where living, studying and recreation come together.

The homes are being built by construction company Heijmans and will be on the site where the Pavilion first stood, this being TU/e’s first building, built in 1956.

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