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Construction of student housing on TU/e campus 50 meters high

The construction of 735 student housing units on the TU/e campus is progressing at lightning speed. It started in November 2022. Already the west tower has reached its highest point, the 16th floor at 50 meters high. A great achievement of Heijmans' construction crew at the construction site. When all goes well, the homes will all be completed by the summer of 2024. To thank the workers for their great efforts and achievements, they were offered a tasty winter lunch. We hope it tasted great!

Vestide is realizing here residential towers and a student village

The tower on the west side will have 278 student apartments, and the east tower will consist of 371 apartments. Both towers are about 50 meters tall (16 residential floors). A “student village” will be built between the two towers, featuring 86 two-level houses distributed over five streets. These will primarily be group homes with six or eight student rooms. Read more about the new student housing.

Meetups contribute to students' well-being

In addition to the housing, there is also a mix of spaces that encourage and invite students to meet eachother and socialize. This contributes significantly to the well-being of the residents. The first floor of the towers and at the "heads" of the student village, a boulevard by the water (Blauwe Loper) and greenery will form the social heart of the community. This includes a 'Makerspace', meeting spaces, facilities and other spaces/locations that we will fill in together with the students. There will also be common areas on the upper floors where students can meet.

LOT community building has already started

The student housing is not yet ready, but Vestide is already involving students in the community. It is already beginning to take shape, before the student housing is finished.

Students have already participated in thinking about various things surrounding the new building. Vestide is setting up a community of students who will think, participate and decide on the further details of the plan under the name LOT. Vestide focuses mainly on what is needed to encourage and invite students to meet each other. More information on https://lotcommunity.nl/

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