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LOT: Community for new student housing at the TU/e Campus

Vestide, part of Woonbedrijf, will build 735 student apartments on the TU/e campus. Construction will start in two months. The student apartments are not there yet, but Vestide is already starting to build the community for the students. Students have already contributed their ideas regarding various issues surrounding the new student housing. That effort is now being expanded. Vestide hopes to inspire and encourage students to contribute their ideas and join in with and be part of the decision-making on the further development of the plan for the new student housing. Vestide has facilitated this process by launching a community called LOT.

The students themselves take the lead

Marieke Franken, director of Woonbedrijf: ‘Students know better than anyone what comfortable living on campus means. That is why LOT has asked TU/e students to contribute their ideas and join in with and be part of the decision-making on the new student housing on the campus. LOT allows students to take control of their housing and living environment. The campus will become an even more attractive place for prospective students to live.’

Exchanging insights

LOT is a student community that exchanges insights based on various themes.Examples include services and facilities, layout and design, quality of life, and communication. LOT actively involves students in issues, from the development to the completion of the apartments. This gets students involved and helps create a community, one which will remain active after the completion of the apartments. It will enhance the well-being of the students who will soon be living in the apartments.

Contributing ideas regarding the practical details

Students are contributing their ideas on, among other things, the services in the housing, how communal spaces should be used, the rental plan and how the commercial and other spaces on the ground floor should be used. They also have a say in the colours of the kitchen cabinets and tiles, for example. Needless to say, students can also raise other issues that they would like to be addressed in connection with the community building.

First meeting on 13 September

A walk-in meeting will be held between 16.00 and 18.00 on Tuesday, 13 September in Aurora (Lismortel 42, Eindhoven) to tell students about the new community. That will involve an uninterrupted presentation lasting around 15 minutes. Anyone wishing to attend can register for the event and also for the newsletter through the LOT website www.lotcommunity.nl. Those who have registered will then receive updates and invitations to meetings.

Outline of the plan

The plan (designed by the VenhoevenCS firm of architects) consists of two residential towers and a student village. The tower on the west side will have 278 student apartments, and the east tower will consist of 371 apartments. Both towers are about 50 metres tall (16 residential floors). A ‘student village’ will be built between the two towers, featuring 86 two-level apartments distributed over five streets, intended for group living and shared facilities for students.

The apartments will be built by Heijmans and located on the former site of the Pavilion, TU/e’s first building dating from 1956.

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