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Vestide adds 78 student houses in record time at location Berenkuil in Eindhoven

On the spot where 300 temporary student housing units already stood, student housing provider Vestide installed 78 new student housing units. The project on the site near the Berenkuil was completed in record time: from plan on paper to key for students within 1 year.

Opportunity seized for additional housing for students

"Especially as student numbers grow and the tightness in the housing market increases, the need for additional housing for students is great," says Ingrid de Boer, general manager/administrator. "We saw an opportunity to quickly add temporary student housing at this location. We immediately seized the opportunity. Within 1 year we went from plan on paper to key for students. We are happy to be able to give 78 students, both international and regular, a nice place to live."

Good news for students and for the city

"Eindhoven is growing as a city," says Mieke Verhees, Eindhoven City Councilor. "Temporary housing is a way with which housing can be added quickly. Because more housing is needed, also for students. Woonbedrijf, in cooperation with the municipality, has rapidly provided, within one year, a complex where 78 students can live comfortably. That's good news for students and for the city!"

Smooth construction process, fast turnaround time

In 2019, Woonbedrijf already placed 300 temporary student housing units on the site near the Berenkuil. In early 2022, given the increasing demand for student housing, the idea arose to add an additional housing block of 78 student homes in the short term. Together with the municipality of Eindhoven and Daiwa House Modular Europe, Woonbedrijf ensured a smooth construction process and a quick turnaround time. The first shovel went into the ground in September, and the first homes were installed at the end of October. The residents received their keys before Christmas.

About the housing units

It concerns 1 building block of 4 floors consisting of 78 studios of 3 by 6 meters (18m2) with their own kitchen and bathroom with toilet. The studios are not connected to gas, the heating and hot water supply is electric. There are solar panels on the roof. The rent is 687 euros per month, including energy costs, water, internet connection and service costs. Students can apply for rent allowance. The homes may remain there until 2035. After that, Woonbedrijf will look for a new location to place the homes. There they will be given a second life.

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