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Internet and television

All our living spaces have their own TV and internet connection from Ziggo for €17.28 per month.


When you rent a room at Vestide, you get a personal internet connection. Sharing is no longer necessary and it is not allowed. This includes:

  • Fast service from ittdesk, in both Dutch and English. All reports and any malfunctions are reported via ittdeks. That way you are always informed.

  • Small buildings have a FiberPower connection (FP), so with a cable modem and automatic Wi-Fi. Larger buildings have Corporate Internet Access (CIA). That is a fiber optic connection with its own UTP connection.

  • A maximum internet speed of 100 Mbps (for CIA locations) and 60 Mbps (for FP locations). The minimum guaranteed internet speed is 25 Mbps for both locations. So gaming and downloading is no problem!

Check here which connection you have


If you live on a FiberPower (FP) location then you have a cable-modem with router functions, so you can set up your own Wi-Fi-connection. If you live in a location with CIA, you have an ethernet connection in the wall on which you connect your own router. What is a suitable router, contact ittdesk to see which one are suitable for your connection. A new router will cost you around 30 to 60 euros.


This is what you get:

Television connections

Most independent living spaces already have a coax connection point (it is a box in the wall with 2 inputs for the cable of your TV). If you cannot find it, please contact us.

Note: do you have a TV without a DVB-C receiver? Then you need a decoder to watch TV here. You have to buy this decoder yourself at Ziggo.


Each tenant has the same package for € 17,28 per month. You cannot choose for an internet or television only package. The package is also on the service charge statement every year, you pay it through your service charges.

Read more about service charges


With all your questions and for reporting malfunctions you can contact ittdesk. In Dutch or in English. This is how you reach them:

Phone number: +31 85 01 40 433 
Website: www.ittdesk.nl/vestide
Twitter: @ITTDesk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ittdesk
WhatsApp: +31 620 088 717
Opening hours: on working days from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. In case of emergency, ittdesk is available 24/7.

Of course you can also contact us with all your questions about internet and television through our contact form.

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