Terminating your tenancy agreement

Is it really time to say goodbye?

Terminating your tenancy is easy – just sort it out online. There is a one-month notice period you have to observe. But giving notice earlier is a clever move!

One month's notice

There is a notice period of at least one month you have to observe. This month starts from the day we receive your written termination notice. 

Use this form for terminating your tenancy agreement.

Giving notice earlier could be a clever move, though! It gives you ample time to make the necessary arrangements, plus it will improve your chances of organising a deal with a future tenant regarding things like your curtains or flooring.

Leaving the accommodation in a proper condition

When you move out, the room or studio you leave behind has to be in a proper condition. So what exactly do we mean by a 'proper condition'? We have listed the most common work that will need doing:

  • cleaning the accommodation and removing all your belongings, except if we have agreed otherwise;
  • making sure all the paint on the walls looks presentable, no no paint-splattered sockets etc;
  • remove any screws, nails, hooks, stickers and tape.

Pre-inspection and inspection

After you've given notice, the area manager will come to visit you twice. He or she will take the time with you to go through the work that will need doing. 


Right after you've given notice, the area manager will come by for a pre-inspection visit. You will be given an 'inspection report', in the shape of a list of the tasks you need to finish before vacating the room. It also mentions the costs involved in case you don't. Moreover, we will look at the things you may want to leave behind for a future tenant. 


On the final day of your tenancy we will check whether you have completed all work on the list. What is also practical about this arrangement, is that you can hand over your keys straight away afterwards.

Settling our accounts

It may sound a bit scary, but we just mean that we will sum up the situation for you: you may still have to pay for something or are due to receive repayment from us. After your move, you can get up to two messages from us settling the financial accounts:

  1. about 2-3 weeks after you move out, we will send you a message detailing any outstanding amounts: for instance the amount of rent in arrears or paid in excess, or the costs for maintenance work you failed to complete;
  2. we calculate the service charges once a year, before 1 July; so this isn't done right after you move out.