About Vestide

Providing students with a great place to live!

Good, hassle-free quality housing and quality of life for all of Eindhoven's students – that is our aim. And that is exactly what you'll get from us: good quality housing, no hassle, at a decent price.

Everyone who's studying in Eindhoven can live with Vestide

Vestide is there for all fulltime students based in Eindhoven. Whether you're only here for half a year, or plan to study here for years on end. And whether that's with the ROC, Fontys, DAE or TU/e – you can come live with us! You choose the kind of housing that would work for you. We offer rooms, studios and 1 and 2-person flats. And we've got modern building complexes and attractive old buildings to choose from.

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Living with Vestide means you get:

  • A wide array of accommodations;
  • Available at a good price;
  • With personable, approachable service;
  • And processes designed to make your life easy.
  • Specifically for students!

What's great too is that we maintain a good relationship with all of Eindhoven's educational institutions. For example, we are in charge of short-stay housing for foreign exchange students at TU/e and Fontys.

These people at Vestide are there on your behalf

It matters to us that you feel at home. So don't hesitate to let us know what you're happy or not so happy about! We're also there to answer any questions.

These are your points of contact:

  • Client manager: your point of contact for everything relating to your tenancy. Set foot in the Woonwinkel and you're sure to run into one of them.
  • Customer service: if you call or email us, this is who will answer.
  • Area manager: you'll notice them around the neighbourhood, and you can always approach them. They will approach you as well; for instance if you're making a mess in a communal area.
  • Bouwservice: our tech staff that are there for you in case something at your place isn't working as it should.
  • Senior client manager: occupied with more complex issues, and in charge of things like neighbourhood quality of life and nuisance problems.
  • Facilities manager: takes care of everything related to your building and its surroundings!

“ Vestide facilitates housing solutions for students. Our work is driven by our tenants’ wishes. Our biggest social achievement lies in having and keeping available a good supply of affordable student rental homes. Through our work, we want to enhance the experience of Eindhoven as a student town. Our contribution manifests itself in convenience, in connecting people, in our work. In our own way, we try to attract and keep talent for the region. However, it begins with easy, affordable housing for students who feel at home with us. ”

Vestide's mission This is what we stand for

Vestide's mission

Vestide is part of Woonbedrijf

Vestide is part of Woonbedrijf, the largest housing corporation in the Eindhoven region. As it's a housing corporation, Woonbedrijf provides social housing without the intention to make profits.

Woonbedrijf has set up a special department for student housing – and that, you've guessed it, is Vestide. Because you as a student have different requirements and preferences than for instance families or senior citizens would have. This means we can provide a service that is in tune with your demands.

We are also part of Woonbedrijf in a legal sense, meaning our annual reports, governance code and other company information can all be viewed on the Woonbedrijf website. 

Go to Woonbedrijf's website.

Or go specifically to the About us page of Woonbedrijf.

Press information

For press information and official statements, you can contact Woonbedrijf or visit the website for more information:

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