Can we fix it? Yes we can!

It's easy – you hardly have to do anything at all. You pay for maintenance and repair work through the service agreement we've set up. Only the basic tasks are for you to sort out, like replacing a light bulb in your room. That's just easier for all involved, isn't it really?

Emergency repairs only

Due to the updated corona measures (14 October 2020), we temporarily only carry out emergency repairs.

Read more about our customized services in response to the corona measures here.

Do you have an emergency repair? Call us via: 040 243 43 43.

If an employee of Woonbedrijf (or one of our suppliers) visits you at home, all measures instated by the government apply. For example, they will wear a facemask and will keep a social distance of 1.5 meters at all times.

Please note: if you (or any of your co-residents) suffer from corona symptoms or health complaints, the appointment must be rescheduled. Please contact us to do so.

With emergency repairs, we refer to locking yourself out of your home, gas and water leaks. Other requests, such as outside doors that no longer open or close, no electricity in the house or repairs that can be carried out in open air or public spaces, can also be carried out in some cases.

Arranging to get something fixed

Is something broken or not working properly? Then fill out the online repair form. Use it to explain what is wrong and tell us when we can come to fix the problem. If several things need doing, you can use one form for all of them. No-one likes three separate but highly similar forms.

Read on just a bit further before filling out the form.
With some repairs, it's more efficient to call a specialised company straight away.

Request repairs now

Prefer calling? You can reach us on 040-297 93 80, workdays between 8.00 and 5.00.

Urgent repairs

Call us on 040-297 93 80

With your urgent request, you can call us 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

Clogged up sewer or drain

Call specialised drain cleaning company C.O.R. on 040-283 60 43.

You can make an appointment straight with C.O.R. for them to unclog your sewer or drain. We will pay C.O.R. for their services.

Perhaps superfluously, we'd like to remind you not to put anything down the toilet or the drain that does not belong there. C.O.R. always reports back to us if they found any unusual objects. If anything you flushed is found to have caused the obstruction, you will have to pay the bill yourself.

Boiler or heating problems

The boiler comes with a sticker of the company that installed it. This sticker always mentions a phone number you can call in case of damage or malfunction. Can't find the sticker? You can also fill out our online repair form or call us.

Broken window

If a window in your room or studio or in the communal areas is broken, call the glass repair and replacement company Verbo on 040-245 56 55. If the broken window is situated in a stairwell or access balcony, for instance, you can call us.

Glass damage is not something you will have to pay for yourself – unless you kicked a ball through the window or something like that. 

Broken lift

Inside the lift, you will see a phone number you can call in case the lift malfunctions. Should this happen, someone from the installation company will come over as quickly as possible to repair the lift. Of course, you can also contact us.