DIY and decoration

Artistic frescos or a more minimalist approach – what's it going to be?

All inspired to start decorating your room, studio or flat? We're excited to see you make your house your home. But before you get started making major changes –check with us whether they are actually allowed.

The general rule with DIY

We will explain below what to take into account for specific work around the house, but let's set out the general rule first – which basically already explains it all.

You are allowed to make changes that can be reversed without involving unreasonably high expenses. Any other changes are prohibited –apart from when Vestide has given their permission. So you will have to ask. Everything should stay clean, safe and in one piece.

When in doubt, ask us! You can explain your plans in an email to or call 040-297 93 80.

Painting and decorating your walls

Blue, red, fluorescent yellow, gold... it's up to you! You can paint your walls whatever colour you like. You're also allowed to draw on the walls or cover every inch in trendy wallpaper. If really you go 'out there', though, we may ask you to whitewash the room before you leave.

This only goes for your walls, window frames, door frames, radiators though. Typically, you're not allowed to paint anything else. So kitchen cupboards, bathroom tiles and Vestide furniture should all remain as they are.

Hanging shelves, frames, and curtains

It depends on the type of accommodation whether you're allowed to or not. Furnished accommodation will usually come with a rail system installed for hanging pictures around the room. If so, you won't be allowed to drill into the walls.

With our other accommodation, you are allowed to drill into the walls – provided you use the right equipment, of course. 

Laying floors

Are you renting (partially) furnished accommodation from us? There will already be flooring there, which you should not tamper with. It also saves you a lot of hassle!

In other rooms and studios, you will choose the flooring yourself. And, not unimportantly, flooring is not optional. Sometimes the previous tenant will have put in flooring they can pass on to you, or flooring will already have been provided. But sometimes you'll have to get to work yourself.

Are you going with hard varieties like laminate flooring? Then make sure you put in the appropriate underlay. It should provide at least 10dB noise reduction. No idea what we're on about? Don't worry, it will be indicated on the product packaging!

The building exterior

You are not allowed to make any changes that affect the building exterior.

Does your accommodation come with a garden or balcony? Then it's up to you and co-inhabitants to keep it in good shape.

Decorating the communal living room and kitchen

Sure, feel free to make it feel yours!

In case you are renting a furnished room from us, we will also have provided furnishing and decoration in the communal areas. In consultation with your co-inhabitants you can of course add extra decoration or furniture if you like.

In most student accommodation, however, it's up to you to decorate the place. Especially well-established shared houses will have accumulated a fascinating collection of furniture and random items. We're cool with that! As long as you and your housemates can see eye to eye and the house is still safe, clean and in one piece.

Regarding this, too, you can consult with us if you're unsure whether something is allowed or not.

Decorating access balconies, stairwells and entryways

We can be brief here: you're not allowed to put anything in the shared shared spaces, nor hang things from walls, nor paint the hallways, entryways, stairwells, lifts and so on.